Peggy Gou releases two summer singles on Gudu

'Nabi' and 'I Go' are the latest tracks from Berlin-based DJ and producer Peggy Gou

In June of this year Peggy Gou returned with her first single in over two years, ‘Nabi’, to be shortly followed by ‘I Go’ in July, both released on Gudu Records.

The first in the pair was ‘Nabi’ – a downtempo electronic pop track featuring 80s synths and keys. Showcasing a less familiar side of Gou’s diverse sound and influences, it draws inspiration from the 80s and 90s Korean songs Gou’s mother used to play at home during her childhood. With the help of fellow Korean sensation OHHYUK, Peggy Gou makes this her first-ever vocal collaboration.

Her second single this summer ‘I Go’ dials up the tempo with kicks, 808s and 909s, harking back to dance anthems of the ’90s. The energy of which perfectly compliments the chillout nature of ‘Nabi’.

Both tracks landed on Frank Merritt’s mastering desk for some TLC and are now available on vinyl here.