Palms Trax releases ‘Petu’ on new imprint CWPT

The new EP from Palms Trax built around the single 'Petu' featuring South African singer Nonku Phiri

‘Petu’ is the new single from Palms Trax featuring South African singer Nonku Phiri released on his very own imprint CWPT [Cooking With Palms Trax] launched this year. The EP was mastered and cut by Frank Merritt ready for its digital and vinyl release featuring a dub mix and a remix from Masalo. Petu sees Phiri’s soulful, pop-infused vocals soar over punctuated brass lines, all held down beautifully by Palm’s Trax’s energetic beats and synths. CWPT is Palms Trax’s initiative to release more frequently and spontaneously, as well as being a home for future collaborations, mixtapes, new-generation artists, and reissues.