The Carvery Studio offers a full Vinyl and Digital mastering service, including lacquer cutting, and mastering for CD and streaming services. All lacquers are cut on our beloved Neumann VMS70; record cutting lathe, fully upgraded with DJR Disc Computer.

All our mastering services are performed in our East London, purpose built studio; designed and built by Slowglass Creative.

Vinyl mastering

As avid collectors ourselves, we know the importance of records, and how they make you feel. Over the last fifteen years, our mastering engineer, Frank Merritt, has mastered and cut thousands of records, cementing himself as one of the most sought after vinyl mastering engineers in the UK.

We are proud that almost all the projects we work on at The Carvery are destined for vinyl, and to avoid any disappointment, we insist on mastering and cutting all our masters.

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Audio restoration

From producing hundreds of critically acclaimed projects, with audio often originating from poorly stored master tapes or badly kept records, The Carvery has become widely recognised as one of the leading restoration studios in the world.

Our restoration suite is fully equipped with the most up to date restoration software, including Cedar and Izotope RX8. We also offer a choice of transcription turntables, including our much loved and restored EMT 950, and Garrard 401 with SME 3012 tonearm, paired with a Graham Slee preamp, for producing high-end vinyl transfers.

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Streaming has become the most popular way for consuming music. To get the most out of digital tracks, The Carvery produces high-resolution streaming masters, optimised to preserve quality and conform to the algorithms developed by streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music.

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Digital & CD

For many clients CD is still an important part of the digital music industry. If you require your files delivered as a DDP to your chosen CD pressing plant, please advise when discussing your project.

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Attended mastering

We always welcome attended mastering sessions, primarily for vinyl mastering sessions, or simply to attend the cut once the mastering has been approved remotely. For many artists and engineers, attending the cut is very much part of the music making process, and a right of passage for newer producers, as it helps to better understand how the music will translate to vinyl.

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Stem mastering

For those having trouble with the acoustics in their room, or in need of a little help getting their mixes in balance, we are proud to offer our new Stem Mastering service.

Instead of us mixing all the individual parts of your track, we ask you to supply us with the bass, kick, melody (guitar/synth etc), vocal and percussion as five or six separate mix groups, or stems. We then mix the individual elements so they are perfectly in balance, and produce your master from our new mix of your track.

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“Really love it! Bass behaving much better and over all sounds cleaner and wider. Absolutely smashed it!”

– Bonobo

Prices and estimates

Our standard rate for all our mastering services is charged at £150 per hour. Having worked on thousands of projects, we have a pretty good idea as to how much a project costs, and tend to work fast once the project gets underway. With that said however; we are aware that no two projects are the same, and that some projects are much quicker to work on than others.

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To book a session, or for more information about our mastering services, please email, or call us on 0208 533 9532 for a quote or estimate.

How to send audio

  1. Before sending your audio for mastering, please read our guide to supplying audio for mastering. It contains important information to help us work on your project more efficiently and in turn save you time and money.
  2. Please include one of our easy to fill out Mastering Info Sheets for each format so we know which track goes where.
  3. For sending audio please use our secure WeTransfer service. Don’t forget to name your tracks with you catalogue number and in the correct order.