‘A Way Back’: the new EP from Joe Armon-Jones and Mala

A Way Back’ is the five track EP born out of a unique collaboration between dubstep pioneer Mala and jazz keyboardist Joe Armon-Jones. Armon-Jones and Mala, both heavyweight producers in their respective musical fields, unite forces on this one to ‘call back the golden age of dubstep’ with Mala on beats and Armon-Jones on keys, synths and bass. Blurring the lines between what are regarded as two distinctive sounds, ‘A Way Back’ is a sonic melting pot celebrating the contemporary jazz and dubstep scenes through the use of diverse instruments and styles. That diversity is mirrored in the album’s artwork with Divya Scialo’s portrayal of a communal sound system set against a metropolitan backdrop. Having received the star treatment from Frank Merritt, the EP is out on Armon-Jones’ own imprint Aquarii Records which came into existence only last year. Joining his burgeoning catalogue, ‘A Way Back’ is a look back to dubstep and reggae but through a contemporary lens introducing jazz and neo-soul elements.

The LP and digital version of ‘A Way Back’ are available here.