Heating up for summer with ‘Bar Mediterraneo’, the new album from Nu Genea

Four years after ‘Nuova Napoli‘, Nu Genea bring us ‘Bar Mediterraneo‘ just in time for the start of summer in Europe. Bursting with their emblematic sun-kissed grooves and cosmic sounds, the new album from the heirs of the Neapolitan sound showcases the pair’s recent collaborative experiments in the studio. The perfect sequel in the ever-evolving artistic project formed by Massimo Di Lena and Lucio Aquilina, ‘Bar Mediterraneo’ creates a space for the contamination of music genres born out of the encounter of different cultures and populations. “‘Bar Mediterraneo’ is built around the idea of a shared place where people meet and fuse together; a space that leaves its doors open to travellers and their lives, always exposed to the whims of fate.” With the duo’s hometown Napoli serving as the backdrop, this album unites different voices with acoustic instruments and synthesisers to form a dazzling musical blend. The new musical textures are seamlessly interwoven with Nu Genea’s original sound with the help of Frank Merritt in the mastering suite.

In true NG fashion, ‘Bar Mediterraneo’ is made up of sounds that transport you to imaginary, exotic lands while paying homage to music and artists from the past. In ‘Gelbi’ we hear the voice of Tunisian songwriter and musician Marzouk Mejri singing in a native dialect complete with a beautifully powerful and propulsive Ney flute solo. ‘Marechia’ marries the French and Neapolitan languages through the delicate vocal line delivered by Célia Kameni in this floaty yet funky number. ’Straniero’ features percussion recorded by legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen infused with enchanting melodies played on the mandolin. ‘Tienaté’ firmly roots this album in Neapolitan culture with its dialect interpreted by Fabiana Martone in this folk-disco groove. ‘Vesuvio’ epitomises the album’s celebration of vocal diversity by combining the raw voices of a school choir with Jupiter-6 arpeggios and driving percussions in this reinterpretation of the folk song by working-class band ‘E Zézi’.

Out on their own label NG Records, the LP of ‘Bar Mediterraneo’ is now available for pre-order here.

Mastered with Love by Frank Merritt at The Carvery Studio