Quantic – A Western Transient Ep 1

Brooklyn, New York

At some stage towards the end of 2019, we asked our friend and New York-based photojournalist Michael Magers to nip over to Brooklyn to catch up with someone who has been a close Carvery Studio family member for well over a decade; Will Holland, aka Quantic. Episode 1 in this two-part podcast delves deep into Quantic’s past, beginning back in Brighton with his early musical influences and finishing in Colombia where his longstanding love affair with tropical and Latin sounds was well and truly ignited. The images accompanying this podcast were taken by Michael Magers, a documentary photographer and journalist whose travels to Japan, Haiti and Cuba culminated in his recent publication ‘Independent Mysteries‘, a collection of intimate images, each one overflowing with vitality. Michael shot Quantic at his new recording home, Selva studio, on a vintage 4×5 Graflex Crown Graphic. The photos of which have been annotated below detailing each unique piece of equipment. Head over to Bandcamp to check out Quantic’s releases.

API Model 1608 - Having weighed up the options Quantic opted for the newly built but fully analogue console. With the ability to add a 500 series modules it makes this console incredibly versatile.

Studer C37 - The 'Holy Grail' of tape machines, this fully tube 1/4 inch stereo unit has bust been lovingly refurbished by the man himself.

Pultec EQP-1A (top), Pultec EGH-2 (2nd down), Langevin EQ 270A (middle), Langevin EQ 252A (bottom) - One of the most important tools on the producers rack, these EQs are responsible for making Quantic's music sound rich and authentic.

Colour Section - Fairchild, Altec 9061A, Thermionic Culture - Culture Vulture, Reverb, DOD Dual Delay

Compression and Limiting - Chiswick Reach Valve Compressor, Tube Tech CL2A, EMI TG12413, Urei Limiters LA3A, 1178, 1176

AMPEX MM-1000 - Built in 1967 said to have bought about the 'golden age' of of large format analog multitrack recorders which would last into the mid 1990s.

I bought this AMPEX MM-1000 a couple of years ago in New Jersey, I actually bought two but dismantled the 2nd machine for parts. I’ve since upgraded to an AMPEX MM-1200, a machine with more automation and makes for more efficient recordings. The AMPEX MM-1000 is THE sound, especially at 7.5ips in my opinion, Drums sound fire. I keep this machine as I still mix from the 1” 8 track tapes I recorded on it, but I’m slowly moving towards the mm1200 16 track on everything. I’ve slowly been replacing the components for more military spec modern parts which makes for more clarity & depth in the recordings.

Scully Vinyl Mastering Lathe - This lathe is in the process of restoration, it was built in Connecticut by Scully and shipped to Colombia in the 60s where it was used at Discos Victoria, a record label in Medellin. I purchased it in 2012 and has been slowly bringing it back to life.

Studer A80 - Known as the workhorse, this 1/2 inch mastering machine has been used in top studio's the world over.