Quantic: A Western Transient Ep. 2

Brooklyn, New York

Picking up from Episode 1, Michael Magers continues his in-depth look at Will Holland aka Quantic. This time round honing in on how he achieves his diverse sounds at his recording home, Selva Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NYC. Conceived and built by Will with the help of his partner Aziza, Selva provides the perfect analogue recording environment for Quantic and affiliated artists to write, produce, record and mix all in one serene space. With the progressive music emerging from within these walls, it was a natural evolution for Will to start releasing titles under the label Selva Records.

You can check out the Selva Records catalogue on Bandcamp.


Part of his collection of vintage accordions

Quantic is by first and foremost a guitarist

Sully lathe, Ampex M1000, Tannoy SRM Monitoring, Neve Sidecar, API Model 1608

Neumann Am31 Disc cutting lathe

‘My Neumann was the 2nd cutter at Discos Victoria. It was set up with a mono Grampian Gotham system and was used to solely cut 45s. After some adaptation I’m now using the lathe for exactly the same use, this machine and the Grampian cutterhead was very standard across Latin America and Jamaica in the 60s. The cutterhead was developed with the help of the BBC research department & most of these lathe/head combos shipped out of New York in the 60s.’